Intern Reviews


Ellie Sharpe, Graduate of Events Management


Immediately after my Internship with Stylish Events I started my new job as an Events Co-ordinator for a corporate company. 

I'm going to miss working as a wedding planner, but it's time for the big corporate world!

I definitely wouldn't have achieved what I have without Dominique. Thank you for giving me the best experience and opportunities possible and some wonderful memories.

I would not have got my new job without you giving me the experience and I would just like to say the biggest thank you for everything, especially for believing in me. 

Ellie is now working as an Events Co-ordinator at a large corporate company.   


Sara Muco, Events Management Student at Greenwich University

I still remember the day Dominique told me that I had got the internship! This opportunity meant so much to me and it was definitely worthwhile.

When I first started the internship I had no idea what wedding planning was all about (apart from the basics that I was taught at Dominique's "Life of a Wedding Planner" course, which was also fantastic!). 

I was very nervous and had 'no wedding confidence'. However, the internship completely changed that. By the end of it, I felt confident and ready to out into the real world as a wedding planner.

I had the opportunity to work at five weddings. Three weddings with other wedding planners, where I assisted on the day and the other two for Dominique, including a fabulous 2-day Indian wedding with 360 guests. 

I also helped to organise the Mix & Mingle for the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners.

Dominique is not just an amazing wedding planner, but almost the most kindest, funniest and caring person to work with. Throughout the whole experience I never felt pressured, in fact she was very patient with me, her clients and suppliers, even in the most stressful times. 

It's not like most work experience where you can only observe the professionals but it is hands on experience where you start to feel like a professional yourself and Dominique was teaching me new things everyday. 

I always enjoyed coming to work as I knew I would be learning something new and something I enjoyed doing. I believe this is the key a great working environment; to be able to keep an employee interested and motivated is essential.  

Although it was only 4 months, I gained more experience than anywhere else I have ever worked. 

I cannot put into words how thankful I am to Dominique, not just for the opportunity, but also for the life lessons as well as wedding planner lessons, the good and the stressful time, the fun days and the serious "time to work" days.

Thank you for everything, I will never forget you and the wonderful experience I had. 

Sara is now is now working for a wedding venue in Essex


Molly Pocock, Student - 2 Weeks Work Experience


I was so lucky to find Stylish Events online and even luckier to be able to gain 2 weeks work experience with Dominique.

It really exceeded my expectations and gave me lots of experience in many aspects of wedding and events planning. I was able to see how the process works and assist with real-life projects, even meetings clients face to face.

I also had the opportunity to visit Covent Garden Flower Market to source flowers and help with the set up of a lunch for the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners, which gave me real insight.

Dominique also provided lunch and travel costs around London.

For anyone interested in finding out more about being a wedding planner, I couldn't recommend it enough. Thank you so much, Molly.

Molly attended our Life of a Wedding Planner course in January 2018.  


Mariana Carr, Beija Flor Events

After attending Dominique's "Life of a Wedding Planner" course in March 2016, I was delighted to be accepted for an Internship.

I worked at Stylish Events for two months from July to September and was delighted to be involved in a real life wedding with Dominique. It proved to be an invaluable insight into the world of wedding and event planning that has taught me the realities of the industry. 

Dominique's knowledge and experience was both essential and enlightening and has greatly assisted me in my career. 

I would highly recommend an Internship to anyone considering a career in this industry and I would like to thank Dominique for all she has taught me. It was indeed an incredible experience and her passion for what she does has inspired me.

Mariana runs her own wedding and events company, Beija Flor Events, and we wish her huge success organsing fabulous weddings.


Nina van Alphen, International Business and Language Student from the Netherlands


Although I am studying "International Business and Languages" in the Netherlands, I have been interested in wedding planning for some time. But before jumping into working in the wedding industry after my study, I wanted to know for sure if this is something for me. That's why I wanted to do an internship in wedding planning.

So, in August 2015 I flew to London to attend Dominique's course on wedding planning "The Life of a Wedding Planner" and I found out really fast that the wedding industry caught my interest even more and that Dominique is an absolutely lovely person and I would love to work with her.

In late 2015 Dominique offered me the Internship placement and in January I flew to London to start my five month adventure at Stylish Events. 

What I loved about this internship is that as an intern you get to do a lot of things and get a lot of responsibility which makes you learn fast. When I started working with Dominique she was already organising a lovely big wedding for May 2016. 

I was delighted to work on an actual wedding, which gives you the perfect impression of what you can expect in this career.

I learned so much in the months leading up to the wedding and working with the other interns, such as; working with suppliers, assisting with the children's event, budgeting, researching, making goodie bags and other elements of a wedding day and so much more.

I also learned a lot on the actual day of the wedding, like setting everything up, being in charge of the children's items, helping set up the beautiful tables for dinner and the main thing - making sure the whole day runs smoothly. 

For me it was such a gift seeing the Bride and Groom smiling all day and having the time of their lives. It made me realise even more how I absolutely love this job and cannot wait to get started in my career.

After my study, I wish to become a destination wedding planner, ideally based in Spain. Thanks to Dominique, who is an amazing teacher, my love for weddings has increased even more and I will recommend her to everyone who is thinking of doing an internship in wedding planning.

To all future interns: you are lucky, learn a lot and enjoy!

Nina has now completed her studies and is working in Spain for an events company. 


Diane Worcester, Australian living in London, Graduate of the UK Academy of Wedding and Events Planning and the Melbourne School of Fashion

In 2014 I made the decision to pursue a career change from Apparel Buying into Events and Planning. Having found myself on the other side of the world to where I grew up (I'm from Australia) with no contacts within the events industry, I decided a good starting point would be to learn about the different types of events that take place.

This is what led me to attend Dominique's one day course "The Life of a Wedding Planner" I left the course not only having a better understanding of what a wedding planner actually does, as opposed to what we see in Hollywood movies, but also realising that whilst I am interested in working across a variety of event types, Wedding Design and Planning requires very specific skills, knowledge and attention to detail that is on another level. 

Wanting to gain the skills and knowledge specifically required for wedding planning I applied for the next couple of internship places with Dominique, but sadly was unsuccessful. Fortunately, my persistence paid off and after "gently stalking" Dominique for several months, I was offered a Wedding Planning Internship in April 2015, which I excitedly accepted.

During these four months I have been blessed to work on a variety of events including two weddings, a themed 40th Birthday Party and a two day corporate training seminar.

Being the fantastic mentor that she is, Dominique gave me a wide variety of tasks to do, ensuring that no two days were ever the same. One of the very first tasks I was asked to do was researching and organising two dance acts, one Filipino and one Irish, to perform at one of the weddings as a surprise for the Bride and Groom. Witnessing the performances and the surprised, yet delighted reaction from the happy newlyweds has ended up being one of the fondest memories from my Internship. 

Whilst assisting Dominique I was given many opportunities to meet and build relationships with suppliers and clients. I was entrusted to attend events where I was a representative for Stylish Events, including venue visits where I was able to see what London has to offer and also make some wonderful industry contacts. It was also incredibly encouraging that Dominique had faith in me to manage aspects of one of the event budgets.

Thanks to Dominique's mentoring, confidence in me and her always present positive outlook, I have not only gained valuable experience and knowledge, but now have the confidence within myself that I have the skills, commitment, personality and motivation to succeed within the world of events.

From the bottom of my heart, I cannot thank Dominique enough for giving me the opportunity to learn from her.

Thank you, Diane.

Diane is now working full time in the events industry.


Pauline Traule, French Graduate in Marketing, Events and Communication and Certificate in Wedding Planning from AP Wedding Academy

During my Internship I had the opportunity to work on an amazing wedding that took place at the Orangery at Kensington Palace. The bride was French and the groom was Italian, which was perfect for me as I speak both languages. 

I worked with Dominique and all the suppliers to make sure the wedding was exactly how the clients dreamed it would be. They were so happy with everything.

Dominique took me to all the meetings with the caterer, the florist, the photographer, etc. and I also went to the monthly meetings with the clients. I felt that Dominique really trusted me in writing emails and helping her to make decisions. 

On the wedding day, she put me in charge of looking after the Bride and I was with her as she was getting ready in the Royal Suite at The Goring Hotel. This is actually the same room that the Duchess of Cambridge stayed in the night before her wedding! Then I went to the church and to Kensington Palace where Dominique let me set up the dining room, along with the caterers, Rhubarb, and other members of the Stylish Events team. There were actually twelve people on the SE team that day and I was a team leader as I knew so much about the wedding. 

I've learnt so much during my Internship; about building relationships with clients and suppliers; about the way to write professional emails; about managing projects; and negotiating and networking.

I think Dominique is a great mentor and I've never met anyone so committed to her job and dedicated to her client's happiness. 

I'm sure that this experience is going to help me find a fantastic job in the events industry very soon. I will keep in touch with everyone in the Stylish Events team.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving me this great opportunity. See you soon, Pauline.

Pauline is now back in France working in the events industry. 


Sonan Khatau, Bollywood Art Director/Set Designer

I came to London with a dream of making it big in the Film/Television world after working for Bollywood as an Art Director/Set Designer in Mumbai, India.

The film industry in London is very different to what I was used, so I decided to find something more glamorous and eventful.

I started looking for something creative to do which would also include meeting people, and running around to get things done. Getting married to me was a magical process, and being a recent bride made me pursue wedding planning as I knew, somewhat, how a bride feels and wants before her big day.

I went on to look for courses/work experience in wedding planning and came across the Stylish Events website. For me, taking up this internship was a big step as I was going to change careers after 5 years.

Dominique's simple way of meeting people through her 'The Life of a Wedding Planner' workshop proved to be a solution to my confusion of career change. I grabbed this opportunity of attending a course. The day I met her I fell in love with her persona, her down to earth nature and her innocent wish to teach and instill the basics of life to everyone around her.

My mind was set to take up her 4 month internship and get to know about wedding planning ONLY through Dominique. 

After a few months of research about wedding planning in the UK and constantly keeping in touch with Stylish Events I received a call in March and was delighted to take up the internship.

From the first day itself I was given work like finding venues for an client's AGM. The second day I was already meeting an existing wedding client, who by the way were amazing clients and had the most magical wedding in Cambridge.

Working on their venue hunting, invitations, entertainment options, decor and styling etc. exposed me to the wedding world. There were treats involved too, we got free tickets to wedding shows and other venue showcases around London.

Then there came along another huge wedding in the beginning of June at Stoke Park which was the first wedding I attended in the UK. It was such an eye opener to what all goes into making a wedding work. I was amazed with the details that are involved in Wedding Planning.

This made me confident in interacting with clients and how to take things on without being prompted. I attended my first, prospective client meeting, and also worked on to make their proposal.   

The last few days of my internship were the most busy, as I was moving countries and also handling a lot of important things on the Cambridge wedding. I got to be with the bride on this wedding :).

It was all worth it because of the wonderful team and of course Dominique being the backbone of it all. This internship made me realise that all one needs is to be physically and mentally involved in the process and learn through experience, and that's what the internship at Stylish Events gave me.

I am so very thankful to you Dominique and also to Becca, who patiently helped me become a professional. I will continue to grow in my work and will definitely make more brides happy.   

Lots of love to everyone at Stylish Events - the best decision ever.

Sonam is now living in Chicago, with her husband, Hamir. She is a wedding planner for an Indian wedding planning company in the USA. 


Agathe Mahe, French Globetrotter Living in London

I really wanted to discover the job of a wedding planner so my target was to obtain an internship with one; so I completed Dominique’s course "The Life of a Wedding Planner" (which I highly recommend) in July 2013. I followed all her advice to try to obtain an internship with her.

There were over 100 applicants for the internship so I was delighted when she offered me the position.  

I worked for Dominique and Becca during the 4 month internship and I enjoyed working every single day in this nice atmosphere. It was like being part of a family. Both of them are really well organised , passionate, and will do as much as they can to satisfy the client with a smile at any time.  

Dominique is the perfect teacher, she will transmit her knowledge in a friendly way. Since the beginning of the internship I was given many things to do. Below are some of the things I’ve done:  

  • Assisting with a fabulous winter wedding at The Connaught Hotel in Mayfair, London 
  • Attending Meetings with private and corporate clients 
  • Research and dealing with the suppliers to obtain the best value for money for our clients 
  • Making presentations, preparing invoices, emails, phone calls with clients and suppliers 
  • Preparing items for weddings (printed materials, menus, guest list, order of services) 
  • Venue hunting in London and Cambridge 
  • Graphic design work 
  • Assisting at a "Pop Up Shop" at Barclays Bank in Canary Wharf, London
  • Assisting with client proposals and writing the event plans 
  • Reports of venue viewings

I gained so much knowledge about this industry, a specific English vocabulary (I am French) and lot of confidence. For Anna and Luke’s wedding I was really honoured to be totally in charge of the sweet station.     

I do not have a degree in events but I'm sure I have learnt more with Dominique than I would have at any University. I have enjoyed this job more than any other one. Now thanks to them I’m more than passionate about this “wedding world” and I will never say thank you enough for letting me discover it. 

As Dominique says “sometimes people never want to leave” that’s why I will come back to develop a French page for her website and continue to enjoy working with this amazing team.    

Agathe is now working in the fashion industry. 


Becca Cole, Graduate from University of Cardiff with a BA Honours degree in Events Management

To read Becca's career story, please visit our blog at 

Becca Cole - My Story so far....  


Jessica Hay (nee Barrie), Graduate from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

Dominique’s internship allowed me to pursue my passion for wedding planning and events. As a recent graduate I found it very difficult to secure any placements within bigger events companies as they are a very competitive industry; however it wasn’t until I attended “The Life of a Wedding Planner” that I found what I was looking for.  

What I loved most about the internship was that Dominique was not afraid to push you in at the deep end; she places full trust in her students and allows them to learn right from the start. With this I have now managed to apply everything I have learnt in my new role as Events Coordinator at a recruitment agency.  

The type of work that it consisted of was not only to work with clients, but I was also given the responsibility to research and liaise with venues of such a high standard. During the research and gathering quotes it allowed me to begin relationships with the managers at the venues.  

As Dominique has had 10 years experience she gives you a fantastic head start to meet people that later become valuable contacts. I also learnt how to budget correctly and at what standard the work needs to be to provide documents that are professional, yet easy for the client to understand.   Although I have had previous work experience in other roles, it was this internship that secured me a full time position.

I am now more than ever determined to build my own Events and Wedding planning business and have had a brilliant start. My new company, Diamond Rose Events, is slowing gathering speed and I will hopefully, with my passion, determination and skills that Dominique helped me gain, be on my way to establishing a successful Wedding business as she has done.   What the internship gave to me was a stronger passion for events, it confirmed what I wanted to achieve for myself later in my future. I cannot express the gratitude I have that I was given this opportunity.

Of course I cannot go without mentioning   Dominique’s trusty side kick Barkley, a handsome Golden retriever who was great company and would always greet you at the door and like a gentleman also see you out.

After a few years working for venues, Jessica now runs her own successful wedding planning and design company. 


Angelique Franklin, Journalist Graduate

Having decided to embark upon a career within the Wedding and Events Industry, I randomly came up with an idea to attend a wedding fair; where I met Dominique at her stand. We got chatting and I advised her of my future career plans and just from that one conversation I was lucky enough that Dominique offered me a 3 month Internship.

I say lucky, as I truly value my time working with Dominique; in those 3 months alone I gained so much knowledge and insight into the job of an Event Planner, which I probably wouldn’t have gained without it.  

Dominique was great from the start; handing me plenty of tasks to get me involved in the Bat Mitzvah she was planning at that time e.g. sourcing and liaising with suppliers, creating mood boards for the Event décor, designing printed materials for events etc. 

I was also very honoured when I was given the large responsibility of organising the complete logistics of transporting eighteen 13 year girls all the way from Harrogate, Leeds to London (and in and around London) and managing their complete itinerary during their 2 night stay in London for the Event – it was almost like organising an event within a event!  

Dominique has always ensured that she kept her advice very real and honest, which for me was a huge plus point, it meant I wasn’t being given a “sugar-coated” version of what being an Event Planner was like! Because of her honesty, it allowed me the advantage of being able to decide which path I should take within this industry.  

For me there not enough words to express how much I appreciate and value the time spent working at Stylish Events, nor my gratitude towards Dominique for offering me the chance to work for her company. Dominique is always so supportive and encouraging of me and my future goals and has constantly shown so much faith in my abilities, which in turn has given me that extra confidence as a Planner and for that am eternally thankful.

Not only do I consider Dominique my Mentor, but also a very good friend.   If I could offer any advice to any would-be Event Planners; it would be to secure yourself an Internship with Dominique, this is one of best thing that’s happened to me this year and from it so many new opportunities and doors have been opened.

After completing her internship Angelique began organising weddings for private clients and then returned to Stylish Events in 2013 as a Partner and Senior Event Manager. She now runs her own successful mobile nail company


Danielle Chevannes, Graduate in Caribbean Studies and International Tourism Management, London Metropolitan University

Like many graduates I left University with a great
qualification but insufficient experience for entering the world of work. Having spent a year struggling to begin pursuing my career and receiving countless rejection e-mails from event planners, I came across Stylish Events and my luck was quickly about to change.  

Within a short time of contacting Dominique she very kindly replied to my e-mail. Although at the time there were not any Internship places available, Dominique still made every effort to help me by offering me the opportunity to assist her on her stand at the Bluewater Wedding Fair Exhibition in February 2012.   The Wedding Fair was a fantastic experience and opportunity for me to gain experience, network and research wedding products and services. 

It was an absolute pleasure to assist Dominique and I was highly impressed by her professional business approach and pleasant welcoming nature. 


Dominique and I kept in touch and a few weeks on I was offered the opportunity of a five week work experience placement. Reading this you might wonder what good are 5 weeks, but I can honestly say it was the most worthwhile and rewarding work experience I have done to date.   No two days were ever the same and it was great to be a part of a small but proactive team. Dominique plunged me straight in the deep end with exciting projects such as a Hen Weekend Spa Day proposal and by contacting venues and suppliers for quotes.

Having such diverse roles and responsibilities to fulfil, gave me great confidence and motivation to work to the best of my ability, as Dominique had faith in my capabilities.   Working with Dominique was an exciting experience from start to finish from viewing venues to researching ice cream cart and chocolate fountain suppliers. I am a highly creative individual and I appreciated being able to share my ideas which were valued also.  

I have gained invaluable experience for life and what was lovely was that Dominique was dedicated to ensuring that my work with her would actually benefit and enhance my future career prospects. Dominique took the time to work with me on improving my CV and in my opinion it has never looked so good and I have had great responses from employers.  

I also had the opportunity to participate in Dominique’s great new workshop ‘The Life of a Wedding Planner’ and earned myself two certificates to add to my existing qualifications.

I am ever so grateful for the opportunity I had to work for Stylish Events and being able to improve my key skills such as organisation, telephone manner, drafting emails and self confidence. I highly recommend an internship with Stylish Events for anyone who wants to pursue a career in the events or creative industries or even maybe even just to expand your work experience and key skills. Who knows where it may lead you next?  

I am delighted to say that working for Stylish Events has proved to be very attractive to employers on my CV, helping me to have had more job interviews than ever before and I have finally been successful and been offered a fantastic career opportunity as an International and Independent Retail Sales Coordinator, which will include working on various exciting events, including press launches and trade shows.   

Thank you ever so much Dominique! I am one step closer to fulfilling my career dreams!

Danielle works in fashion and also runs her own event company. 


Lenka Podolanova

Graduate in Event Management, Greenwich University

Unlike the majority of Dominique’s interns, I had previous experience in the events industry. Working for Dominique was a unique experience, one that cannot compare to any other job, volunteering or internship. I was working for Dominique almost for 5 months and I have been involved in weddings and events which was very satisfying as I could try many different things.  

I was very lucky, Stephanie Flores, one of Dominique’s previous students, had spoken so highly of Dominique and the experiences that she had, that I wanted to try it myself. Now, at the end of my internship, I am glad I did because I would never be where I am now.   

Dominique isn’t a regular employer, the trust, freedom and responsibilities that you receive are very motivating. I strongly recommend it to anyone who would like to become wedding planner or work in events industry to do work experience with Dominique.


I am just finishing my events management degree and I have already set up my own business. Thanks to Dominique I have found the strength and motivation to do that.  

 I have learnt lot while working with Dominique, mainly that creating relationships with suppliers makes every manager’s job easier and that attention to detail is important in every aspect of our work.  If I ever become half as good a Wedding planner as Dominique I would consider myself the luckiest person.

Thank you so much for everything Dominique and congratulations on your 10th anniversary.

Lenka completed her degree in Events Management in April 2012. She has already started her own events company - AURI Events


Danielle Simpson

Student in Event Management, Manchester University

Working with Dominique for three months over the
summer 2011 was an eye opening experience. Not only does it look amazing on my CV but working alongside an events planner who has been in the business for nine years really is the best way to see and feel if this profession is for you.


Dominique lets you have a go at everything that you would be doing as a real life event planner. I had decided I was going to go to university to study events management and thought that in order to get a feel for the events world, I should get some experience.   

Working with Dominique was very worthwhile and a valuable learning curve.  Whilst there I learnt the fundamentals in wedding planning; how to budget, work with brides, market services, and research key elements necessary for a wedding. 

On a day to day basis, I shadowed Dominique, learning the job in a practical, hands on manner. It was very exciting seeing all the different aspects of wedding planning and how they come together to create each individual event.  

I was lucky enough to work on a live wedding, where I had set tasks, including picking up cake stands and delivering them to the venue, creating napkin decorations for the tables, monitoring children at the event and ensuring they were all fed, as well as generally assisting Dominique in ensuring that the event ran smoothly.


The main things I learnt from Dominique are organisational skills, timekeeping, creativity, attention to detail and a passion for events is a must! I would recommend this experience to anyone wishing to go into wedding planning, or any other sector of the events industry, as the key skills that you learn will serve you for the future.

Danielle is now a successful fitness instructor. 


Stephanie Flores, Graduate in Event Management, Greenwich University

I worked with Dominique for 4 months and it was the most
valuable work experience I ever had. Since I was a second year student at university I had a basic background of the event planning procedure, which was very helpful in dealing with budgets, putting together event plans and in general the process of putting together an event or in this case a wedding.  

Right from the beginning I was given responsibility and was able to contribute a lot, especially since I had knowledge about specific requirements for one of her weddings. Being in charge of these precise parts of the clients wedding felt great, as it was my piece of work that I dealt with at all times.  

After a few weeks of looking over my work, the time came where I was able to put together proper emails and memos without Dominique correcting them. One day Dominique even trusted me enough to go to a venue without her and afterwards put together an information sheet and present this to her client.    

What I appreciate most is soon seeing a wedding come together where I have been a part of the planning process. This is especially important as in university I only plan events hypothetically but never get to see how they would actually turn out in real life. 


Most importantly though I got to see how much I enjoy the wedding industry and that this is the area I want to work in after graduating from university. It is very hard to receive any experience within this industry and I am grateful that I found such a wonderful and personal place to work.

Steffi completed her degree in Events Management in 2012 and is now working in Germany. 


Alix Matania, Graduate, Thames Valley University

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Dominique. She is warm,
friendly and a great teacher. I was given the opportunity to work independently which increased my confidence.

I was always allowed to input my own ideas and opinions which meant I felt connected to the clients and work we were doing. The experience has given me a wonderful insight into the world of wedding and event planning. It has proved to me that this is the career I wish to have.

I have learnt about the importance of having a good relationship and communications with both clients and vendors. I have also learnt about the hard work that is required to successfully work as a wedding/events co-ordinator. 

I am pleased that I was able to have the opportunity to learn these things first hand and am looking forward to beginning my career.

Shortly after completing her internship at Stylish Events Alix was offered a position at Bijou Weddings as a Wedding/Venue Manager at Cain Manor in Farnham. She now works in the catering industry. 


Gemma Palmer, Graduate, Event Management, Sheffield Hallam University

Dominique is a pleasure and a joy to work with. She is very
approachable, friendly and an inspiring wedding planner. She is passionate about her work as well as the clients she works alongside, which reflects through in the successful and beautiful weddings she creates. 

She is professional, very well organised and taught me so much about the wedding planning world.

She allowed me to put my theory into practice and gave me a lot of responsibility, which enabled me to learn extensive amounts during my time at Stylish Events.

I loved working with Dominique; I would say it was the highlight of my degree and one of the key reasons for my 1st class achievement. I learnt so much about the organisation, workload, time and effort that goes into planning a wedding and how great it is to see the end result come together.

It was not a chore to work with Dominique but a pleasure and I would recommend it to any student wanting to understand what it is like to work in the wedding planning industry.

Gemma was our first Intern, back in 2009!

After completing university Gemma took a role as Events & Sales Coordinator at the Park Inn by Radisson in Northampton. She then took a break from her career to travel around the world for six months. She returned to the UK in 2011 and at first took a position at Bijou Weddings.  In late 2011 Gemma began working as an Events Executive at Kensington Palace and Kew Palace.

She is now living and working in Australia.