Our Wedding Service

Often the hardest thing about planning a wedding is knowing where to start. 

Most couples have a vision of their day, but may not be sure how to get started or just don't have the time to arrange everything. We can guide you through every aspect of creating the wedding of your dreams. 

We help clients with budgets from £30,000 to over a million pounds and every wedding we organise is precious to us - no matter what the budget.

We know this is the most important day of your life and you want to create a day that is beautiful, memorable and also value for money. 

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Dominique Douglas Stylish Events

Dominique Douglas Stylish Events

Full Wedding Planning

Our most popular service is Full Wedding Planning, which essentially means we will assist you with “anything and everything” for your wedding. 

Our service includes:

  • Finding your perfect venue
  • Negotiating with venues and suppliers
  • Creating your wedding budget
  • Sourcing the right suppliers for your style and budget
  • Coordinating all travel and accommodation arrangements for you and your guests
  • Overseeing all ceremony arrangements
  • Designing your wedding invitations and managing your guest list
  • Styling your wedding
  • Managing all arrangements and supervising the wedding day


We will manage your wedding day to your exact specifications, organise the logistics, keep everything on budget and negotiate prices with all of your wedding suppliers.

There is no limit on the number of hours we will work for you and we are happy to be involved in any aspect of your wedding plans. 


Our fee is around 10% of your wedding budget and a minimum fee applies, depending on your budget and how long we will be working with you. 

Getting Started

If you would just like a little help at the beginning of the planning process, then our Getting Started service may be perfect for you.

We can work with you for 3 or 4 months - it's up you how long you want us involved.

Our service includes:

  • Finding your perfect venue
  • Advice on ceremony arrangements 
  • Creating your wedding budget
  • Help to find the right suppliers for their budget and style
  • Designing your wedding invitations and managing your guest list (if booked for 4 months)

Together we will agree a monthly fee, which is based on how much assistance you would like from us. 

On the Day

As your wedding gets closer, you may feel you need some assistance to pull it all together and take some of the stress away, that's where we can help.

We can co-ordinate everything and manage the day for you.  We usually get involved about 6 weeks before the wedding date - you can book us a year in advance or literally call us a few months before your wedding. 

Our service includes:

  • Contacting and visiting the venue with you
  • Contacting all suppliers and ensuring they have everything they require
  • Finding up to 3 last minute suppliers
  • Preparing the Master Schedule
  • Full co-ordination of the day

The fee for this service is on application and depends on how much assistance you require, how long before the wedding you would like us to begin working for you and the size and complexity of your wedding.